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Technical Contribution Series

This Technical Contribution Series addresses Regional Sediment Management (RSM) activities associated with the New Jersey Coast. Technical Contributions have been developed through the National RSM Demonstration Program, ongoing Coastal Monitoring Program for specific projects, and the New Jersey Alternative Long-Term Nourishment (‘Alternative') Study. This scope of this series will include contributions from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Philadelphia and New York Districts.


Technical Contribution Number
1 USACE Philadelphia District RSM Demo – Presentation April 2002
2 USACE North Atlantic Division RSM Workshop Presentation September 2003
3 Digital Aerial Orthophotography October 2003
4 NJ ‘Alternative' Study Project Management Plan April 2004
5 New Jersey Geological Survey/US Minerals Management Service Offshore Sand Exploration Task Force Meeting -CENAP Presentation April, 2004
6 RSM GIS Base Map May, 2004
7 National RSM Demonstration Program: Results, products and Lessons Learned From RSM Activities May, 2004

USACE North Atlantic Division RSM GIS workshop – Philadelphia District Presentation

July, 2004
9 NJ Coast Atlantic Coast – Coastal Processes Data Archive Report – Executive Summary December, 2004
10 The Development of a Delaware Estuary
Regional Sediment Management Plan and
Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Program
February, 2006
11 The USACE Philadelphia District - Atlantic Coast of New Jersey Regional Sediment Budget (1986 - 2003): Cape May Point to Manasquan Inlet Final Report. March, 2006
12 The USACE New York District - Atlantic Coast of New Jersey Regional Sediment Budget (1986 - 2003): Manasquan Inlet to Sea Bright Final Report. April, 2006
13 Delaware Estuary RSM Statement October, 2009
14 Delaware Estuary RSM Workgroup Charge October, 2009