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Ecosystem Restoration

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AUTHORITY & DESCRIPTION: This project is authorized by Section 1135 of WRDA 1986, Environmental Restoration, and encompasses demolition and removal of a 500-foot buried concrete box culvert that currently contains a section of the Assunpink Creek between Broad and Warren Streets downstream from Mill Hill Park. The culvert roof has failed on two occasions and is a public safety hazard.  Day lighting of the stream will occur by completely removing the culvert roof, walls and floor, and exposing the stream to natural daylight and channel conditions.  Natural channel conditions are more conducive to aquatic habitat.  The new channel will improve anadromous fish migration by eliminating low-light conditions which disorient migrating fish and hinders their ability to spawn upstream. This reach of the Assunpink Creek was the site of the second battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War and is immediately downstream of the historic Broad Street Bridge.

PROJECT GOALS:  The purpose of this project is to demolish and remove a 500-foot buried concrete box culvert to improve anadromous fish migration by eliminating low-light conditions. It also provides educational and cultural opportunities for the community as the site is the location of the Battle of the Assunpink Creek, known also as the Second Battle of Trenton during the American Revolutionary War in January, 1777.

STATUS: The construction contract was anticipated to be awarded in FY15, however based on the latest cost estimate project costs increased significantly. The USACE and the City of Trenton are working together to possibly rescope the project with modified designs that will reduce the implementation costs to a level agreeable to the City. USACE awarded a contract in the summer of 2017 and construction has been ongoing in 2018. 

SPONSOR: City of Trenton, New Jersey