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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Continuing Authorities / Feasibility

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Regional Sediment Management, Navigation, Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY: This study is authorized under Section 204 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1992, as modified by Section 2037 of WRDA 2007.  This authority allows USACE to collaborate with a State in the preparation of a comprehensive State or regional sediment management plan within the boundaries of the State.  This is a 100% Federally funded study only authority.

LOCATION:  Barnegat Inlet is a Federal Navigation Channel located between Barnegat Light, Long Beach Island and Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, NJ.  The Inlet is actively used for commercial fishing vessels and is maintained by USACE semi-annually.

DESCRIPTION: The study will develop a regional sediment management (RSM) plan for Barnegat Inlet to identify and evaluate opportunities to beneficially use dredged material from the navigation channel for the most cost effective and hydraulically advantageous near shore placement of sandy material.

BACKGROUND: Sediment management practices have historically been used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on a project by project basis.  This method of management has often resulted in unanticipated consequences since natural systems do not always coincide with project, jurisdictional, or state boundaries or other activities impacting sediment sources.  Some of these consequences have included erosion or sedimentation in nearby areas, inefficient planning for dredged material management, and missed opportunities to more cost-effectively manage sediment resources.  Recently, however, the USACE and other federal and state resource agencies have begun to look at sediment management from a regional perspective.  This systems based approach is aimed at increasing cooperation and coordination among agencies, adaptive management across multiple projects based on shared goals, improved management through the application of best available science and engineering practices, and implementation of policies to achieve maximum long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits.

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to develop a regional sediment management plan for Barnegat Inlet and to identify and evaluate opportunities to use dredged material from the Federally authorized navigation channel.


DATE OF PROJECT AGREEMENT: None required       

NON-FEDERAL SHARE: None required