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Southeastern Pennsylvania Environmental Improvement Program

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Environmental Infrastructure

AUTHORITY: Section 566 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1996, as amended.

DESCRIPTION: This project involves evaluating a wide range of parameters including but not limited to sedimentation, erosion, aquatic habitat, ecosystem restoration and improvement, point and non-point source pollution and flood damage reduction. The final product will contain prioritized preliminary designs (30% designs), including preliminary project costs, and a detailed implementation report for a holistic solution to the degradation of the environmental systems within Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Efforts to date include the development of a GIS based decision support tool (DST) to assist in prioritizing needs throughout the watershed.  The DST is customizable based on user input and is currently available for use by local communities.

STATUS: Available funding from the non-Federal sponsor will not support the project moving into additional phases including plan formulation and project design.

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to develop preliminary designs for multiple environmental improvement projects that address watershed problems in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania.

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP)

DATE OF PROJECT AGREEMENT: 17 August 2010