Archive: December, 2015
  • 2015-0538-39

    Expiration date: 1/8/2016

    The applicant proposes to remove existing structures, provide bank stabilization to an existing swimming pond located at the site. The work would take place in a man-made lagoon/swimming pond that was constructed prior to 1931. At the mouth of the pond (the north side of the site) that connects Absecon Creek to the worksite, an existing sluice would be removed from the waterway. This structure appears on aerial photography taken in 1951. Standard construction equipment would be used from both the eastern and western shores of the pond to remove the structure. Coffer dams would be used to dewater portions of the site where the existing structure would be removed. The equipment would be staged on the western shore on existing upland locations. A temporary road, consisting of composit and timber matting, would be constructed on the east side of the pond and would impact two thousand five hundred twenty five (2525) square feet of regulated waters/wetlands. Approximately three hundred (300) linear feet of concrete bulkhead would be removed and the vegetative stabilization would replace the bulkhead. Finally along the eastern shore, an existing wooden dock would be removed from the watercourse. No dewatering would be performed on the eastern side of the pond, with the work being performed between the high tide cycles. All debris would be disposed of off-site at an approved facility.

  • 2014-127

    Expiration date: 12/22/2015

    White House Beach, Incorporated has applied for a Department of the Army permit to hydraulically dredge approximately 24,700 cubic yards of material from six man-made lagoons to a depth of -4 feet below mean low water and to pump the dredged material via pipeline to geo-textile tubes at five separate upland locations at the White House Beach Marina, located on the Indian River Bay at 35266 Fisherman’s Road, Millsboro, Sussex County, Delaware, Tax Parcel 2-34-30.00-6.00 (38.61028N/-75.11889W).

  • 2015-1105-85

    Expiration date: 12/19/2015

    The applicant, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Watershed Stewardship, has applied for a 10-year maintenance dredging permit. The applicant proposes to conduct hydraulic maintenance dredging of the channel to/from the Holts Landing State Park boat ramp to a depth of -4’ MLW measuring approximately 66,420 square feet at Holts Landing State Park in the Indian River Bay, Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware. The dredged material will be hydraulically pumped 1,200 linear feet west of the boat ramp and will be utilized to create approximately 55,615 square feet of beach to protect an eroding shoreline. The dimensions of the structures are indicated on the attached plans identified as E-1 through E-4.