US Army Corps of Engineers
Philadelphia District & Marine Design Center

Wilmington Harbor Expansion (DE) Study

Published July 16, 2019


AUTHORITY: WRDA 1986, Section 204(f) authorizes the Federal assumption of maintenance for navigational improvements.

DESCRIPTION: Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC) has contracted the Philadelphia District to assist them in preparation of a formal request to the Assistant  Secretary of the Army - Civil Works (ASA-CW) seeking approval to construct a proposed port expansion access channel and turning basin adjacent to the Delaware River Federal navigation channel with subsequent Federal assumption of maintenance, in accordance with WRDA 1986, Section 204(f). With USACE guidance, DSPC is preparing a Section 408 (Federal project modification request) and Section 10 (navigable waters) permit application for submittal to the Philadelphia District. In support of a Section 204 (f) request, DSPC is also preparing a dredged material management plan for construction and maintenance of the proposed access channel. An economic analysis of proposed channel depth alternatives is being conducted by the USACE Deep Draft Navigation Center. Once DSPC provides all supporting materials, the District will assemble a Section 204(f) request package for coordination and endorsement by the North Atlantic Division, HQ-USACE, Office of Water Project Review,
followed by submittal to the ASA-CW for final decision. 

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to seek ASA-CW approval to construct a proposed port expansion access channel and turning basin adjacent to
the Delaware River Federal navigation channel with subsequent Federal assumption of maintenance, in accordance with WRDA 1986, Section 204(f). 

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR:  Diamond State Port Corp.