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Construction Status for Northern Ocean County Project

Beachfill status

  • Location: Brick Township
  • Date: 5/18/2018
  • Beach access closures: Osprey Lane, Brick Beach III Vehicular Crossover is under construction
  • Additional info: The Hopper Dredges RN Weeks and BE Lindholm are onsite conducting beachfill operations

Northern Ocean County Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

Project Status

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) awarded a contract to Weeks Marine Inc. to construct the Northern Ocean County dune and berm system. The project is a partnership between USACE and the state of New Jersey. Once the construction is completed, the project is designed to reduce damages to physical infrastructure from the future coastal storms that will impact Northern Ocean County. 

Construction Schedule

USACE's contractor Weeks Marine Inc. will be using multiple dredges to complete the beachfill contract. Three hopper dredges (R.N. WeeksB.E. Lindholm and Magdalen) are expected to be used during construction. Hopper dredges function like a ship as they transit back and forth between a sand borrow site and pump out buoy near the shoreline. Weeks Marine will also be using a pipeline cutter head dredge (R.S. Weeks), which functions more like a stationary barge and continuously pumps sand from a sand borrow site through pipeline and onto the beach. The type of dredge used for each community depends on the distance from the sand borrow site to the shoreline. 

*Schedule Updated: May 10, 2018 (check the map to the right to clarify the different sections of the project)

**Note - the schedule is an estimate. Construction could begin sooner or later than the dates listed below based on weather, equipment issues and overall progress. There is no way to predict exactly where construction will take place at a specific time due to the numerous variables involved.  

Dredging Equipment


Hopper Dredge

Toms River North (Normandy Beach) – construction estimate is mid June through late August.The plan is to make the pipe landing near Pompano Way and first pump to the North then flip and pump South from Pompano Way.

Bay Head – construction follows Normandy Beach. Current construction estimate is late August through October. The plan is to make the pipe landing near Mount Street and first pump North then flip and pump South.

Point Pleasant Beach South Section – construction follows Bay Head. Current construction estimated to take place in October through November. The plan is to make the pipe landing near Washington Ave and first pump South. A different dredge will be used to complete work in the northern area of Point Pleasant Beach.

Seaside Park – construction follows Point Pleasant Beach south. Current construction estimate is November through December. The plan is to make the pipe landing near 5th Ave and first pump North then flip and pump South.



Hopper Dredges
R.N. Weeksand
B.E. Lindholm
(typically work in tandem
on same line)

Mantoloking – construction complete in base contract area.

Brick Township – construction began in April and is estimated to last through early August.The pipe landing was made near Bel Air Road. Pumping will proceed south first and then flip and pump north from Bel Air Road.

Mantoloking Northern Area– construction follows Brick. Current construction estimate is August through late September. The plan is to make the pipe landing near Lyman Street and first pump South then flip and pump north from Lyman Street.

Lavallette – construction follows Mantoloking option areas. Current construction estimate is late-September through December.The plan is to make the pipe landing near Magee Avenue and first pump to the North then flip and pump South from Magee Avenue.

Point Pleasant Beach North Section - construction follows Lavallette. Current construction estimate is late December to mid January of 2019. Work will take place from pipe landing near Washington Ave to the north.



Pipeline Dredge
R.S. Weeks & C.R. McCaskill

Toms River South (Ortley Beach) – estimated construction is June through August. The plan is to make the pipe landing south of Colony Rd and pump north into Ortley.

Seaside Heights – construction follows Ortley Beach. Current construction estimate is late September through October. The pipe landing will be same at south of Colony Rd. Pipe will be flipped then pump South through Seaside Heights.

*Mantoloking Northern Area - stretches from Sta. 207 (Approx. 2000 ft. north of Herbert St.) to Sta. 162 (Municipal boundary with Bay Head).

Project Background

The Manasquan Inlet to Barnegat Inlet (also known as "Northern Ocean County" project) Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project is the result of a 2002 feasibility study that investigated flood and coastal storm damage effects between the two inlets. The study involved extensive engineering, environmental, and economic analyses and recommended the construction of a dune and berm system with the intent of reducing impacts from coastal erosion and storms. The plan calls for beachfill construction along the oceanfront between Point Pleasant, New Jersey and the northern boundary of the Island Beach State Park utilizing sand from an offshore borrow source and periodic nourishment for a period of 50 years. The project includes the following municipalities: Point Pleasant Beach; Bay Head; Mantoloking; Brick Township; Toms River Township; Lavallette; Seaside Heights; Seaside Park; and Berkeley Township. Congress authorized the project as part of the Water Resources Development Act of 2007.

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