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Check here for contest rules and submission information this coming Spring 2022.
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2021 Photo Contest Winning Submissions

Snow is the most reflective natural surface on Earth. Its ability to reflect over 90% of sunlight, gives snow its iconic white appearance and allows for greater visibility of the landscape during evening hours.
Northern Cardinals, Dark-eyed Juncos, Tufted Titmice, and American Tree Sparrows are some of the most commonly seen of the 35 species of birds that can be observed during the winter months.
Originally built in 1841 to cross the Pohopoco Creek, the “Buck” or “Harrity” covered bridge at Beltzville State Park was relocated to its current resting place by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1970 during the construction of Beltzville Dam. The 66 ft long, 31 ft wide structure is now enjoyed as a pedestrian bridge by visitors to the park.
Two commonly seen turtle species in Pennsylvania are the Eastern Painted Turtle (left & far right) and the Red-Eared Slider (middle). The native Painted Turtle competes for food, basking, and nesting areas with the larger non-native Slider which was introduced by people illegally releasing their pet turtles into the wild. To keep our native flora & fauna healthy and thriving, don’t release pets into the wild and choose native plants for your landscaping.
Waterfalls occur where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep drops along the course of a stream or river. This feature can be found while hiking the Saw Mill Trail, one of the 15 miles of trails developed by PA DCNR’s Beltzville State Park.
Double-crested Cormorants are a common site at large inland lakes and reservoirs across North America. They forage for their favorite food, small fish, by diving below the surface and swimming. Unfortunately, they can often mistake lost fishing lures as food and end up entangled in the attached fishing line or hooks. Making sure you dispose of fishing waste properly helps keep them and other species safer from harm.
The period of daytime shortly after sunrise and before sunset is known as the golden hour, or the ‘magic hour’, by photographers and cinematographers. The softer light creates beautiful landscapes, like this one captured at Beltzville Dam and Reservoir.
Bald eagles require habitat with large water and forest resources to provide them with fish for food and trees for building their nests. Exclusive to North America, bald eagles can be found at all of the Northern Area Dam & Reservoir Projects.
The Eastern Cottontail Rabbit is the most popular game animal in Pennsylvania and can be found throughout suburban and rural landscapes. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects conduct environmental stewardship initiatives that help provide habitat resources for these furry residents and a variety of other species.
Rainbows are caused by the reflection of light off the inside of water droplets in the atmosphere. Double rainbows, such as this one captured at Blue Marsh Lake, occur when the light wave is “re-reflected” as it exits the water drop at a different angle. The re-reflection causes the second rainbow to appear lighter, in reverse color order, and above the primary rainbow.
The vibrant colors of fall foliage is caused by the presence of pigments that are revealed as the trees slow down photosynthesis in preparation for the winter season. This reduces the amount of chlorophyll pigments that give leaves their green color and lets other hidden colors shine through. The Northern Area Dam & Reservoir Projects offer numerous scenic views during the “leaf peeping season”.
The West Branch Lackawaxen River forms the headwaters and main channel of the Prompton Lake reservoir. Lackawaxen is a Lenape word meaning “swift waters”. The Lenape people are the original inhabitants of Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New York.

Northern Area Photo Contest

In 2021, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District ran a social media based photo contest for the public. Participants were encouraged to submit their best photos of the District’s 5 dams in Eastern Pennsylvania: Blue Marsh Lake, Beltzville Dam, Francis E. Water Dam, Prompton Dam, General Edgar Jadwin Dam and adjacent state park areas. Participants from across the region submitted more than 100 photos. Then, the District invited the public to vote for their favorite photographs from each season. We are pleased to present this 2022 downloadable calendar featuring the top 12 images. Thank you to all of the talented photographers for submitting photos and to the participants who voted! We'll be sharing information on the 2022 contest later in the new year. 

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