Prompton Dam & Reservoir Master Plan

The Prompton Dam was constructed in 1960 to reduce flood risks primarily for the communities of Prompton, Pennsylvania, Hawley, Pennsylvania and Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The 1230-foot long and 147-foot high earthen dam was built in response to severe floods on the Lackawaxen River in 1936, 1942 and 1955. It is located on the West Branch Lackawaxen River, a tributary of the Lackawaxen River, approximately 4.7 miles upstream of Honesdale, PA and a half mile upstream of the village of Prompton, PA

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is updating the Prompton Dam and Reservoir Master Plan. The Master Plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all project resources throughout the life of a USACE project.  The Master Plan guides efficient and cost-effective management, development and use of project lands.  It is a vital tool for the responsible stewardship and sustainability of project resources for the benefit of present and future generations.  The Master Plan guides and articulates USACE responsibilities, pursuant to Federal laws to preserve, conserve, restore, maintain, manage, and develop project lands and waters and associated resources.  The intent of an updated Master Plan is to present a current inventory and assessment of resources, provide an analysis of resource use, and evaluate existing and future needs required to protect and improve the value of resources at a project. 

In February 2023, USACE released a final Master Plan Revision for Prompton Dam and Reservoir.

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