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2020 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

2019 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

The purpose of this Special Public Notice is to solicit comments and recommendations from the public concerning areas along the Delaware River in the City of Philadelphia to be declared as non navigable pursuant to Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act of 2016. The portions of the Delaware River in this notice are:

(1) Piers 70 South through 38 South, encompassing an area bounded by the southern line of Moore Street extended to the northern line of Catherine Street extended, including the following piers: Piers 70, 68, 67, 64, 61–63, 60, 57, 55, 53, 48, 46, 40, and 38.

(2) Piers 24 North through 72 North, encompassing an area bounded by the southern line of Callowhill Street extended to the northern line of East Fletcher Street extended, including the following piers: Piers 24, 25, 27–35, 35.5, 36, 37, 38, 39, 49, 51–52, 53–57, 58–65, 66, 67, 69, 70–72, and Rivercenter.

An application for a Department of the Army Nationwide permit (CENAP-OP-R-2019-00907-86) has been submitted by Beach Street Developer, LLC for work in the Delaware River in conjunction with the installation of a storm water outfall pipe, headwall and rip rap apron riverward of the intersection of Cumberland Street and Beach Street, directly across from Pier 20 N. in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  The project site is located within the areas described above. At this time the permit application is under review and the decision is currently pending. Comments should be submitted by Nov. 27, 2019. 

The purpose of this notice is to solicit comments and recommendations from the public concerning areas along the Delaware River in the City of Philadelphia to be declared as non-navigable pursuant to the above referenced legislation.

  • Public Notice, April 2019
  • NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Philadelphia District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers intends to conduct maintenance dredging in the Schuylkill River above Fairmount Dam at locations that have degraded rowing/boating facilities within Fairmount Park, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. The plan is to remove accumulated sediment shoals at a maximum of four locations on the Schuylkill River in the vicinity of the Strawberry Mansion Bridge downstream to the Fairmount Dam. 
  • Material will be transferred over the dam into barges and then taken downstream, where it will be hydraulically unloaded into the Fort Mifflin Confined Disposal Facility (CDF). Decant water will be drained from the Fort Mifflin CDF back to the Schuylkill River. The proposed dredging schedule has an early start of August and will continue during the fall, with potential to extend into winter months pending weather, and is anticipated to take three to four months.
  • In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, an Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact have been prepared and are available upon request. A 15-day comment period is provided. If you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Mr. Jerry Pasquale at
  • Trenton Marine Terminal Stream Bank and Shoreline Erosion Protection Draft Environmental Assessment
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District (USACE) has released a draft Environmental Assessment titled Trenton Marine Terminal, City of Trenton, Mercer County New Jersey Streambank and Shoreline Erosion Protection. USACE is proposing to repair a collapsed section of pier located on the Delaware River near the junction of State Highway 29 and State Highway 129 on the south side of the City of Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey. The purpose of the project is to protect the public infrastructure at the Trenton Marine Terminal from imminent damage and the possibility of eventual collapse. The infrastructure is located in a public park that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The collapsed pier should be rebuilt in the same dimensions and appearance as the formerly existing one, except for the use of steel piles rather than timber piles to significantly increase the stability of the structure; with the objective to rebuild the pier in a manner that would preserve the historic character of the park while minimizing impacts to the river bottom substrate.
  • More details are available in the draft Environmental Assessment document. Public comments are due by June 4, 2019. Comments may be submitted by email or in writing to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Resources Branch, 100 Penn Square E. Philadelphia PA, 19107. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced the release of an Interim Report for the New Jersey Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study, and a virtual meeting on March 14, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. The Interim Report presents a focused array of alternative plans that manage risk and reduce damages from coastal storms as well as the engineering, economic, social, and environmental analyses that have been conducted to develop the focused array of alternatives outlined in the report. The Army Corps and NJDEP invite the public to comment on the report by April 1, 2019. Comments can be submitted by email or in writing to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Planning Division, 100 Penn Square E. Philadelphia PA 19107. 

2018 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today published in the Federal Register its request for proposals for beneficial use of dredged material pilot projects pursuant to Section 1122 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016, Beneficial Use of Dredged Material. Proposals must be submitted to USACE on or before March 12, 2018.More information on the program and solicitation can be found in the Federal Register notice, 83 Fed. Reg. 5763 (Feb. 9, 2018).  It is available on line here.

Section 1122 requires USACE to establish a pilot program to carry out 10 projects for the beneficial use of dredged material.  The pilot program can include projects for the purposes of:

  • (1)   reducing storm damage to property and infrastructure;
  • (2)   promoting public safety;
  • (3)   protecting, restoring and creating aquatic ecosystem habitats;
  • (4)   stabilizing stream systems and enhancing shorelines;
  • (5)   promoting recreation;
  • (6)   supporting risk management adaptation strategies; and
  • (7)   reducing the costs of dredging and dredged material placement or disposal, such as projects that use dredged material for: A) construction or fill material; (B)  civic improvement objectives; and, (C)  other innovative uses and placement alternatives that produce public economic or environmental benefits.

Projects identified under Section 1122 must maximize the beneficial placement of dredged material from federal and non-federal navigation channels and ensure that the use of dredged material is consistent with all applicable environmental laws. USACE is required to carry out the pilot program in consultation with relevant state agencies and to establish regional teams to assist in the evaluation of the proposals.

2017 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Philadelphia District announces the availability of the document: "Delaware Bay Coastline-Delaware and New Jersey-Roosevelt Inlet-Lewes Beach Coastal Storm Risk Management Project, Sussex County, DE - Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact." This document evaluates a modification to the existing Coastal Storm Risk Management Project (CSRM) at Lewes Beach. 

2016 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

The USACE Philadelphia District, in partnership with NJDEP, is conducting a feasibility level investigation for coastal storm risk management problems within the New Jersey Back Bay (NJBB) area, defined as the network of interconnected tidal water bodies located landward of the New Jersey ocean coastline in Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, Burlington, and Cape May Counties. The NJBB study area includes approximately 950 square miles and nearly 3,400 miles of shoreline.

The objective of the NJBB CSRM Study is to investigate CSRM problems and solutions to reduce damages from coastal flooding that affects population, critical infrastructure, critical facilities, property, and ecosystems. Participation of the general public and other interested parties and stakeholders in identifying significant issues and alternatives is being solicited by means of this public notice.

A public meeting will be held on Thursday, December 01, 2016 between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM at the Stockton University Campus Center located at 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, NJ 08205. The event will commence in the theater, which is on the main level of the Campus Center. Free parking is available directly in front of the Campus Center, Lots 2 and 3.

2014 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Philadelphia District is collaborating with the Delaware Department of Environmental Control (DNREC) and the University of Delaware (UD) Center for Applied Coastal Research in a program to improve understanding of sediment transport pathways and rates, both of which affect the stability of the Indian River Inlet channel and the adjacent ocean shorelines. In 2014, the Survey Vessels Shuman and Little Giant conducted hydrographic surveys to document changes in depth and sediment distribution on the submerged portions of the project area.

2013 Civil Works Public Notices & Reports

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