General Edgar Jadwin Dam Overview

The General Edgar Jadwin Dam project is part of an integrated reservoir flood risk management system with the Prompton Lake project. Jadwin Dam is located on Dyberry Creek north of the borough of Honesdale in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. The dam is situated approximately 2.9 miles upstream of the confluence of Dyberry Creek and the Lackawaxen River. Honesdale is centered near this confluence. 

Jadwin is a dry dam that maintains no pool during normal operation. The dam can provide 24,500 acre-feet of storage to the spillway crest and a total of 47,300 acre-feet of storage at maximum pool. The dam controls 64.5 square miles of the Dyberry Creek watershed in Wayne County. Construction began in May 1957, diversion of the Dyberry Creek started in June 1957 and the dam was dedicated in June 1959. Jadwin Dam has prevented approximately $40 million in flood damages since its construction. 

Jadwin Dam Safety Modification Study

Dams reduce, but do not eliminate the risks associated with flood events. A fully-functioning dam could be overtopped when a rare, large flood occurs, or a dam could breach because of a deficiency - both of these possibilities pose risk of property damage and life loss. To manage these risks USACE has a routine program that inspects and monitors its dams regularly.  USACE implements short and long term actions, on a prioritized basis, when unacceptable risks are found at any of its dams.

Based upon the most recent risk assessment in 2016, Jadwin Dam is considered to have a higher risk primarily due to the potential for internal erosion in the embankment during a significant flooding event. As a result of this finding, USACE has implemented a number of measures to reduce risk in the interim, including increasing inspections and monitoring. USACE condcuted the Jadwin Dam Safety Modification Study. This multi-year effort identified and recommended a risk management plan that includes making improvements to the upstream embankment of the dam to reduce risk associated with the dam. Work includes the installation of a geosynthetic liner system on part of the upstream slope and crest of Jadwin Dam. USACE awarded a contract in 2022 with work estimated for completion in Spring 2023. 

Jadwin Photos