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Southampton Creek Ecosystem Restoration

The project area is located along Southampton Creek in Upper Southampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Southampton Creek is the northeastern tributary of the Pennypack Watershed.  The creek flows through the southwestern portion of Upper Southampton Township and has a total drainage area of 5.8 square miles.

This project will improve Southampton Creek using natural stream channel design to restore the riparian ecosystem along approximately 2 miles of degraded suburban stream. 

The goal of this project is to restore bank stability, improve aquatic habitat, and re-establish the sediment transport cycle in Southampton Creek.  This will be accomplished by applying the principles of fluvial geomorphology to the stream restoration design.

Restoration of the stream banks and riparian buffer will greatly reduce the influx of pollutants into the creek.  Stream restoration features and wetlands will be incorporated into the design to retain and absorb stormwater.  Healthy vegetation surrounding the creek (the riparian buffer) and on the stream banks will filter stormwater runoff, preventing sediment and pollutants from running into the creek.  The vegetation will also stabilize eroding stream banks and provide habitat for various riparian species, such as amphibians and invertebrates.