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Community Board Meeting Information

FUSRAP Community Board

The Corps established a FUSRAP Community Board for the DuPont Chambers Works FUSRAP Project in March 2000. It consists of representatives from the community, the Corps of Engineers, EPA, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and DuPont. The board meets regularly to discuss the Corps' restoration efforts at the DuPont facility. FUSRAP Community Board meetings are open to the public and serve as a forum for community input on restoration issues related to the Manhattan Engineer District cleanup effort at the DuPont Chamber Works facility. Meetings are advertised in the South Jersey Times newspaper. Contact Michael Hart for more information.

FUSRAP Community Board Responsibilities

  1. Provide input on environmental restoration issues to the Army Corps & regulatory agencies.
  2. Participate in regular meetings, open to the public,at convenient times and locations.
  3. Encourage community involvement.
  4. Review and evaluate technical documents andplans.
  5. Recommend priorities among projects.
  6. Identify applicable standards consistent with the Comprehensive Environmental Response.

FUSRAP Community Board Mission

To identify problems, communicate to the community, provide local input on the decision-making process, and provide accurate information to the public.  

FUSRAP Community Board Members

Mel Beals Pennsville Township Representative
Robert Bender Pennsville Grove School District
Glen Donelson, Community Co-Chair Pennsville School District
Francis Faunt Community
Charles Morris Penns Grove Rep.
Paul Morris Penns Grove
James Warner, Community Co-Chair Salem County Rep.

Agency And Dupont Representatives & Co-Chairs

Michael Hart, Government Co-Chair USACE Project Manager
Ed Lutz DuPont
Susan Range NJDEP
Sin-Kie Tjho EPA, Region II
Scott Northey DuPont Chambers Works


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