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Vessel Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder: Marine Builders, Inc., Utica, Indiana
Project Management Team: USACE Marine Design Center and Huntington District
Vessel Operation Team: USACE Huntington District, Bluestone Lake & Dam, Hinton, WV

The primary mission of the vessel is to manage drift and debris upriver of the Bluestone Lake Dam to ensure that drift and debris is small enough to pass through the sluice gates of the dam. This effort is required to prevent logjams from occurring behind the dam after severe weather events.

Dimensions: 50' x 20' x 5'

Propulsion & Steering: Thrustmaster Model OD150
Z-Drive Configuration, 120 Hp Cummins Diesel Engine
360 o rotational steering, hydraulically-powered from propulsion engine
90 o Powered elevation of the lower gearbox and propeller assembly
Radiator Cooled, Dry Exhaust

Crane: Prentice Crane Model E-180-SM
Pedestal Mounted, Hydraulically-Operated, Knuckle Boom Crane, powered by Cummins Diesel Engine (113 Hp)
Maximum lift capacity at 10 foot radius is 17,350 lbs.
Knuckle Boom extended length of 27 feet
Enclosed Cab for Crane Operator

Grapple and Chain Saw: Hultdins Supergrip TL430 Grapple & Hultdins Model 550s-19cc Supersaw
Hydraulically-operated grapple with 43 inch maximum opening
Hydraulically -operated chain saw with maximum cutting diameter of 27.5 inches

Generator: John Deere Model CD3029D
20 kW, 1800 rpm diesel generator
Provides 240/120 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz power

Pilot Control Console, Incinolet (electric toilet unit), and Seating for 4 personnel

Design and Construction Standard:
ABS "Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels for Service on Rivers and Intercoastal Waterways"