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20-Inch Cutterhead Suction Dredge

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Vessel Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder: Oilfield Electric Marine Inc., Houston, TX.
Project Management Team: USACE Marine Design Center and St. Paul District
Vessel Operation Team: USACE St. Paul District, St. Paul, MN

Vessel Particulars:
Length on Hull: 200’
Ladder length: 40’
Beam(Moulded): 39’
Hull Depth: 8’
Draft: 5’
Fuel Capacity: 30,000 Gal.
Potable water: 1,000 Gal.
Digging Depth: 25’
Ladder Angle: 45 degrees
Cut Width @25-foot depth:  250 feet
Production: 1000 yd3/hr
     w/o booster - 5,000 ft of pipeline
     w booster - 10,000 ft of pipeline
Discharge pipe diameter:  20 inches

Machinery, Equipment, and Special Features
Main Generators: (2) Caterpillar 3516 DG Sets, 1200 rpm
Dredge Pump: Vosta model 3635
Dredge Pump Drive: (2) 1150 HP, 600 VAC Vector Duty Motors
Dredge Pump Control/Drive: OEM V31800. True Vector IGBT Drive
Dredge Pump Gearbox: Haley Gears, HADU 1800, 1.4:1
Cutter Drive: 300 HP, 600 VAC Vector Duty AC motor
Cutter Drive/Controls: OEM Variable Speed AC Drive
Spud Hoist Winches: IHC 100 HP 480 VAC Vector Duty AC motor
Traveling Spud Carriage: Rack and pinion driven (2) 30 HP, 480 VAC Vector Duty AC motors
Swing Winches: IHC 100 HP 480 VAC Vector Duty AC motor
Ladder hoist: IHC 100 HP 480 VAC Vector Duty AC motor
Winch Drives/Controls: OEM 3000 BDM Variable Speed AC Drives
In-Port Generator: Cat C-9   DG set