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Brigantine Coastal Storm Risk Management

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UPDATED: February 2016


APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY: This project is authorized by the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1999.

LOCATION: Brigantine Island extends 6.5 miles along the Atlantic coast of NJ from Brigantine Inlet to Absecon Inlet.

DESCRIPTION: The project provides flood and coastal storm damage reduction along Brigantine Island, utilizing sand from an offshore borrow source. The project will consist of berm and dune restoration along approximately 1.8 miles of coastline fronting the northern third of the city. The initial project construction cost is estimated at approximately $4.5 million

Project Goals: The purpose of this project provides hurricane and coastal storm damage reduction along Brigantine Island, consisting of a berm and dune restoration.

STATUS: FY 04, 05, & 06 funds were used to complete initial construction. The beachfill portion of the project was completed in February 2006.  Dune grass, sand fencing and crossovers were also completed. FY11 funds were used for project monitoring. FY12 funds were used to award a contract to complete the 2nd renourishment cycle. The contract was awarded in September 2012 and completed in February 2013. 

Between October 27 & 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage to the New Jersey coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May and up the Delaware Bay.  Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies (FCCE) funds under Public Law 84-99 were used to complete a Project Information Report (PIR). The results of the PIR determined that the project was eligible for FCCE funding to repair the project to pre-storm conditions. PIR was approved, funding provided and the previously awarded renourishment contract was modified to complete the repairs and renourishment concurrently. Pumping began in January 2013 and completed in February 2013.

Additionally, in response to P.L. 113-2 Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, a PIR Addendum was completed to determine whether the project was eligible for FCCE funding under P.L. 113-2 to restore the project to design template. This Addendum was approved. The previously awarded renourishment contract was modified to complete the restoration. The pumping of sand was completed in June 2013 and the project was complete in July 2013. 

FY16 funds will be used for project monitoring.

FCCE funds are being used to complete a PIR as a result of damages incurred from Oct 15 nor’easter/Hurricane Joaquin. Draft PIR recommendation is to repair project. Once approved FCCE repair funds will be requested. If funding is rec’d PDT will begin design, P&S & acquisition process.





Initial Construction


Feb 2006


FCCE Emergency Rehab

Sept 2011

Dec 2011


2nd Periodic Nourishment Cycle

Jan 2013

   Feb 2013

FCCE Restoration      Jan 2013    July 2013  
3rd Periodic Nourishment Cycle  Scheduled     FY19   Dependent on adequate funds 

SPONSOR: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Date of Project Partnership Agreement: 10 September 2004     

Target Completion Date: 2054

Total Estimated Cost: $49.8 M

Federal Funds Appropriated: $7.730 M

Non-Federal Share: $4.033M