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UPDATED: February 2016


APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Ecosystem Restoration

AUTHORITY:  The Reeds Beach and Pierces Point project was authorized for construction by Title I, Section 101 (b) (6) of WRDA 1999.

LOCATION:  The project area is located within Middle Township, Cape May County along the Delaware Bay Coastline at Reeds Beach and Pierces Point, New Jersey.

DESCRIPTION: The plan for the purpose of ecosystem restoration at Reeds Beach and Pierces Point is an 80-foot wide berm at an elevation of +5.5 feet NAVD over a project length of 6,800 feet. The plan entails a one-time placement of sand for horseshoe crab and shorebird habitat.

Project Goals: The purpose of this project is to provide ecosystem restoration at Reeds Beach and Pierces Point, with a one-time placement of sand for horse-shoe crab and shorebird habitat.

STATUS: With the FY 2006 funds, the Corps completed a Limited Reevaluation Report (LRR) in July 2006.  Limited re-evaluation reports (LRR) are post authorization studies that evaluate a specific portion of the approved plan under current policies, criteria and guidelines, and may be limited to economics, environmental effects or, in rare cases, project formulation. A LRR documents the results of the analysis undertaken.   The LRR for this project updated costs and demonstrated continued project viability.

FY 2006 funds were also used to develop a Draft Project Partnership Agreement.  This project has not received funding since FY 06.  The initiation of initial construction is dependent on the establishment of an adequate funding stream.  The next steps toward initial construction once adequate funding is received is to update the 2006 LRR; approve and execute the Project Partnership Agreement; acquire the necessary real estate; complete plans and specifications; and advertise and award the construction contract.

In order to proceed, the Corps requires additional funding to support initial construction. The current initial construction costs need to be reviewed based on impacts from Hurricane Sandy to account for changed initial conditions based on the damages caused by the storm.

SPONSOR: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Date of Project Partnership Agreement: TBD     

Target Completion Date: TBD

Total Estimated Cost: $9,924,000

Federal Funds Appropriated: $1,039,000

Non-Federal Share: $108K