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Ocean City Coastal Storm Risk Management

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UPDATED: February 2016


APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY: Committee Resolution on December 15, 1970 under the provisions of Section 201 of P.L. 89-298. Project reauthorized with provisions for construction of separable elements under Section 831(1) of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986, P.L. 99-662.

LOCATION: The project is located in Cape May County, New Jersey. Great Egg Harbor Inlet provides a tidal connection from the Atlantic Ocean to Great Egg Harbor Bay and the NJIWW. Peck Beach is occupied in its entirety by the City of Ocean City and extends from Great Egg Harbor Inlet southwest to Corson Inlet, a distance of about 8 miles.

DESCRIPTION: The project consists of providing initial beach fill, with subsequent periodic nourishment, with a minimum berm width of 100 feet at an elevation of +8.0 National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD). The beach fill extends from Surf Road southwest to 34th Street with a 1,000-foot taper south of 34th Street. This plan required the initial placement of approximately 6.2 million cubic yards of material and subsequent periodic nourishment of approximately 1.1 million cubic yards every 3 years. The material for the initial construction and periodic nourishment is being taken from the ebb shoal area located approximately 5,000 feet offshore of the Great Egg Harbor Inlet. This periodic dredging of the ebb shoal area will help alleviate the navigation difficulties in the inlet. Additionally, the initial construction of the project required the extension of 38 storm drain pipes.

STATUS: Between October 27 & 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage to the New Jersey coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May and up the Delaware Bay.  Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies (FCCE) funds under Public Law 84-99 were utilized to complete a Project Information Report (PIR).  The results of the PIR determined that the project was eligible for FCCE funds to repair the project to pre-storm conditions. The PIR was approved, funding provided and the previously awarded renourishment contract was modified to complete the repairs and renourishment concurrently.  Physical construction was completed in May 2013. The repairs and renouirshment brought the project back to the design template. 

FY15 funds were used to complete 7th renourishment cycle. FY16 funds will be used for project monitoring. 

Project Goals: For the purpose of hurricane and storm damage reduction, this project provides a beach fill with periodic nourishment, and a berm along Surf Road southwest to 34th Street in great Egg Harbor and Peck Beach.






Initial Construction (Ph I)



Oct 1992

Initial Construction (Ph II)



Mar 1993

Storm Rehab



Jul 1993

1st Periodic Nourishment (Ph I)



Dec 1994

1st Periodic Nourishment (Ph II)



Aug 1995

2nd Periodic Nourishment



Oct 1997

3rd Periodic Nourishment



Dec 2000

4th Periodic Nourishment



Feb 2004

5th Periodic Nourishment



Mar 2010


6th Periodic Nourishment



May 2013

FCCE Emergency (Sandy)

 800,000 May 2013
7th Periodic Nourishment
 1,000,000   Dec 2015 
8th Periodic Nourishment   TBD      Sched. FY 18

SPONSOR: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Date of Project Partnership Agreement: 18 September 1991

Target Completion Date: 2041

Total Estimated Cost: $431.3 M

Federal Funds Appropriated: $73.6 M

Non-Federal Share: $39.3 M