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Rehoboth & Dewey Beach Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Project

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY: Senate Committee Resolution, 23 June 1988. Project authorized by Section 101 (b)(6) of WRDA 1996 and modified by Section 307 of WRDA 2000.

LOCATION: The project is located on the Atlantic coast of Delaware just north of the Delaware Seashore State Park.

DESCRIPTION: The plan proposed in the final feasibility report for the purpose of flood and coastal storm damage reduction at Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach consists of one continuous project, from the northern end of Rehoboth Beach to the southern border of Dewey Beach, a distance of 13,500 linear feet. Along Rehoboth Beach, the plan provides for a 125-foot wide berm at elevation +7.2 feet NAVD and a dune at elevation +13.2 feet NAVD. At Dewey Beach, the project would transition to a 150-foot wide berm at elevation +7.2 feet NAVD and a dune at elevation +13.2 feet NAVD. The plan includes dune grass, dune fencing, and suitable advance beach fill and periodic nourishment every three years to ensure the integrity of the design. The Planning, Engineering and Design phase consisted of the completion of detailed plans and specifications for those features recommended in the feasibility report.

STATUS: The beachfill portion of initial construction was completed in July 2005 with the other project features, including dune grass, dune fencing and crossovers completed in January 2006.  FY 2008 funds were used to award a contract to initiate the 2nd periodic nourishment cycle. Due to limited funds, only Dewey Beach received renourishment. FY 2011 funds were used to modify the FCCE contract to complete the 2nd periodic nourishment cycle (originally scheduled for 2009). 

FY 2012 funds were used to permanently extend three outfalls that were covered after the completion of the renourishment. Work on these outfall extension was completed in July 2013.

Between October 27 & 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused damage to the Delaware coast from Lewes Beach to Fenwick Island and up the Delaware Bay.  Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies (FCCE) funds under Public Law 84-99 were used to restore the project to design template. The Army Corps awarded the contract  for FCCE work in June of 2013. Beachfill operations were completed in November of 2013. 





Initial Construction

Jan 2006

2nd Periodic Nourishment

Nov 2008

 Jun 2009

Dewey only

2nd Periodic Nourishment

Oct 2011

Feb 2012


FCCE Emergency (Sandy)             Jun 2013           Nov 2013  
3rd Periodic Nourishment                   2016          Dec 2016 

PROJECT GOALS:  The purpose of this project provides hurricane and coastal storm damage reduction at Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, with a berm, a dune for each beach, including dune grass, dune fencing, beach fill and periodic nourishment every three years.

SPONSOR: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control