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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General


LOCATION:  In Cape May County, between the southwest end of Five Mile Island and the US Coast Guard Base, Cape May.

DESCRIPTION: This project provides for an entrance channel 25 feet deep and 400 feet wide, protected by two parallel stone jetties, and extending from the 25-foot depth curve in the ocean to a line 500 feet landward of a line joining the inner ends of the jetties; thence 20 feet deep and 300 feet wide to deep water in Cape May Harbor. The total length of the section included in the project is about 2 1/4 miles.

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to provide a safe navigation channel for commercial, recreational and US Coast Guard.

COMMENTS: Project provides a safe navigation channel for commercial, recreational and US Coast Guard use for the largest Fishery Landing in NJ (13th largest in the US), contributing $35 million per year in direct fish value and $300 million in economic value. Project services the only USCG enlisted training base in the country. USCG Station, Cape May is also located on the waterway and needs a reliable channel for their Homeland Security mission and critical life safety, search and rescue operations. Material dredged is beneficially used in the near-shore in support of the adjacent Federal beach fill.

PROJECT MANAGER: Monica A. Chasten