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Honesdale, PA

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood Damage Reduction

LOCATION: Lackawaxen River Basin

DESCRIPTION: The existing project, adopted in 1948, consists of a single purpose flood control reservoir formed by a dam on Dyberry Creek, located approximately three miles above the confluence of Dyberry Creek with Lackawaxen River, in Honesdale, Pa.

STATUS: The Army Corps performs routine operations and maintenance activities for the project and grounds, dam safety actions and oversight, water control and other data collection and analyses, and real estate actions as required. 

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project provides for routine operation & maintenance of the dam and related structures, water control data collection & analysis, real estate, continuing evaluation data gathering & analysis, and dam safety efforts.

PROJECT MANAGER: Monica A. Chasten