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Prompton, PA

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood Damage Reduction

LOCATION: Lackawaxen River Basin

DESCRIPTION: The existing project was adopted as HD 80-113 in 1948, and modified by HD 87- 522 in 1962.  This multi-purpose project (flood control and recreation) is located on the Lackawaxen River four miles above Honesdale, Pa., and 30 miles above its confluence with the Delaware River.  Original project construction was completed in 1960. This project serves to protect various surrounding communities from flooding. It is part of  an integrated reservoir flood control system in conjunction with General Edgar Jadwin Reservoir, it provides flood control protection in varying degrees to the Boroughs of Prompton, Honesdale and Hawley and to smaller communities along the Lackawaxen river. Flood control is the only authorized purpose for this project. A secondary purpose is recreation, as the project resources currently provide opportunities for fishing, boating, and limited picnicking.

STATUS: The project has prevented cumulative damages of more than $26 million.  FY 2006 Construction General (CG) Funds were used for construction of Phase I of modifications to the dam.  These modifications were done to protect the structure and downstream communities from the effects of the estimated Probable Maximum Flood (based on revised criterion since initial construction).  Phase I work in the spillway and outlet works was completed in July 2007 and the construction of a crest wall across the top of dam was completed in the spring of 2008.  Phase II modifications to the project were completed in June 2012 and included a new operations building, spillway modifications and completion of a new access road and bridge over the spillway. Annual funds are used for routine operations and maintenance of the dam and related structures that include the buildings, grounds & equipment, and management of public-use areas such as access roads, parking lots. Other specific work includes water control, water quality monitoring, real estate, continuing evaluation gathering, and dam safety efforts.  

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project provides for multiple-purpose development for flood control, water supply and recreation, located on the Lackawaxen River.

PROJECT MANAGER: Monica A. Chasten