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Beltzville, PA

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood Damage Reduction

LOCATION: Pohopoco Creek, Lehigh River Basin

DESCRIPTION: The dam is located on Pohopoco Creek 4 1/2 miles from its confluence with the Lehigh River and 4 miles east of Lehighton, Pennsylvania. The project was completed in 1971.  Annual funding is used for routine operations and maintenance of the dam and related structures, including project buildings, grounds and equipment; also water control data collection, evaluation data gathering and analysis, water quality analysis, real estate and dam safety efforts. Project has prevented cumulative damages of more than $34 million. 

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project provides for multiple purpose development for water supply, flood control and recreation. It consists of a dam, spillway around the north end of the dam, and a gate controlled outlet.

PROJECT MANAGER: Monica A. Chasten