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7-Mile Island Coastal Storm Risk Management

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UPDATED: February 2016


APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY:  WRDA 1999, Section 101(a)(26).

LOCATION:  The study area is a 12-mile portion of the New Jersey Coastline from Townsends Inlet to Cape May Inlet.

DESCRIPTION: The recommended plan for flood and coastal storm damage reduction includes: (1) 4.3 miles of beach fill with a berm width of 150-feet and a dune crest at +14.75 feet NAVD, with periodic nourishment at 3 year intervals; (2) 2.2 miles of seawall construction along the Townsends Inlet frontage of Avalon and the Hereford Inlet frontage of North Wildwood; (3) ecosystem restoration of approximately 116 acres of natural barrier island habitat at Stone Harbor Point including beach fill and dune construction. The restoration includes the planting of approximately 56 acres of bayberry and red cedar roosting habitat.

Project Goals: The purpose of this project provides hurricane and coastal storm damage reduction, including a beach fill with a berm and dune, with a periodic nourishment at three year intervals.

STATUS: Between October 27 & 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused significant damage to the New Jersey coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May and up the Delaware Bay.  FCCE under PL 84-99 were again used to complete a PIR Addendum to the Hurricane Irene PIR. The results of the PIR determined that the project was eligible for FCCE funding to repair the project to pre-storm conditions. Therefore, the previously awarded Hurricane Irene repair contract  was modified to complete the repairs for Hurricanes Irene & Sandy concurrently. Additionally, in response to P.L. 113-2 a second PIR Addendum was completed to determine whether the project was eligible for FCCE funding under P.L. 113-2 to restore the project to design template. This Addendum was approved. The contract was further modified to complete the restorations. Pumping of sand was completed in Jul 2013. Repairs to Hereford Seawall were completed in Apr 2014.

FY15 work plan funds are being used for project monitoring & to award the 2nd periodic nourishment contract in FY16.

FCCE funds are being used to complete a PIR as a result of damages incurred from Oct 15 nor’easter/Hurricane Joaquin. Draft PIR recommendation is to repair project. If repairs are approved & if adequate funds are provided it is prudent to complete the repairs concurrently with the renourishment contract.





Initial Construction

Jul 2002


Initial Construction

Jun 2009

Avalon & Hereford Seawalls

FCCE Emergency Rehab (Nor’Ida November 2009)

    Apr 2011

    Dec 2011

Pumping completed in Jun 2011

FCCE EMERGENCY Rehab (Hurricane Irene & Sandy)

    Dec 2012

    April 2014

Pumping completed in July 2013; Hereford Seawall repairs completed April 2014

2nd Periodic Nourishment Cycle


Funding has been received

SPONSOR: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Date of Project Partnership Agreement: 8 March 2002      

Target Completion Date: 2052

Total Estimated Cost: $268.7 M

Federal Funds Appropriated: $65.8 M

Non-Federal Share:  $36.3 M