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UPDATED: May 2014


APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General


LOCATION: Salem River, Salem County, New Jersey

DESCRIPTION: The project provides for an entrance channel 16' deep and 150' wide in the Delaware River across Salem Cove to the mouth thence 16' deep and 100' wide to the fixed highway bridge in Salem. It also provides for a cutoff between the mouth and Salem. The project length is approximately 5 miles.

Project Goals: The purpose of this project provides for an entrance channel in the Delaware River across Salem Cove to the fixed highway bridge in Salem.


  • FY 2000: Maintenance dredging was performed to the deepened authorized depth of 16 Feet.
  • FY 2004: $101,000 was expended for plans and specifications and to obtain environmental permits for proposed maintenance dredging.  Insufficient funds were available to award the contract in FY2004.  The remaining FY 2004 funds were reprogrammed.
  • FY 2007: Maintenance dredging was performed.  The Corps and South Jersey Port Corporation executed a Memorandum of Agreement to accept an additional $715K in contributed funds from the Port. The District awarded a contract to Cottrell Contracting Corp. for $1,922K in November 2006. The contractor mobilized to the site in December 2006 and began dredging January 2007.  The contract was successfully completed in the spring of 2007.
  • FY 2012: Emergency Supplemental funds were obtained for maintenance dredging of the Salem River, Salem, New Jersey.  The contract consists of maintenance dredging of the 16-foot project from 3+400 to 15+500.  The contract was awarded to Cottrell Contracting Corporation for $3,800,000.00.  The Government-furnished disposal area available for this contract is Killcohook, Area 3, with an estimated 200K cubic yards of material being dredged.  The contractor began dredging operations on October 2, 2012.

COMMENTS: The Port of Salem is a shallow-draft port located in the vicinity of the Salem River Cut-Off on the Salem River in Salem, New Jersey.  The Port is located approximately 2 miles east of the Delaware River, and 54 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  The Port became a foreign trade zone in 1987.  Commodities include bulk cargo (construction aggregate), break bulk cargo, containers (clothing, agricultural produce).  Port activity also has at times involved literage.