Army Corps updates water release schedule for Francis E. Walter Dam

USACE Philadelphia District
Published Sept. 14, 2021
A large reservoir of water is pictured in front of a concrete control tower and dam with scenic vista of a creek/river valley in back drop of image.

Francis E. Walter Dam, owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, operates as a system in conjunction with Beltzville Dam, located in Lehighton PA, to reduce flooding in the downstream communities along the Lehigh River.

The U.S. Army Corps Engineers’ Philadelphia District updated the 2021 Francis E. Walter Dam recreation plan.

The Army Corps updated the plan, which states whitewater and fisheries releases will be scheduled if enough water storage is accumulated in the reservoir. Currently, there is enough water storage to schedule the following increments:

  • Increment 9 – add fisheries enhancement releases for the period of Sept. 18 to Oct. 1. Releases will be 50 cubic feet per second plus inflow up to 300 cubic feet per second. 
  • Increment 10 – any excess water storage (above pool elevation 1300) will be released during the period of Friday, October 8 through Monday, October 11. The specific details of this final release of the season will be announced on Facebook in early October. 

It’s important to note that all recreational releases are subject to change based on the potential need for flood control operations.

Steve Rochette

Release no. 21-027