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Lambertville, NJ

Published July 16, 2019


AUTHORITY: Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948

DESCRIPTION: Lambertville is a densely-developed historic community of 1.3 square miles on the Delaware River in New Jersey. It is located approximately 17 miles north of Trenton, New Jersey. A main source of flooding in the interior area of the town is backwater from the Delaware River flowing up Alexauken Creek and creating overland flooding. Alexauken Creek lies upstream toward the city’s northern border and has a 15 square-mile drainage area. The overland flooding from Delaware River backwater up Alexauken Creek is the subject of the Lambertville, New Jersey, Flood Risk Management Study. The issue of flooding in Lambertville, New Jersey, was a subject of the General Investigation (GI) Delaware River Basin Comprehensive Flood Risk Management Interim Feasibility Study and Integrated Environmental Assessment for New Jersey. The Alexauken Creek portion of the larger feasibility study has now been converted to the Continuing Authorities Program for completion of the Feasibility Phase, as well as Design and Implementation

STATUS:  The Tentatively Selected Plan includes a system of levees and floodwalls with gravity drainage outlets and the buyout and demolition of one structure riverward of the proposed line of protection

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to provide flood risk management in the Alexauken Creek area of Lambertville, NJ.

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR:  New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection