Schuylkill River above Fairmount Dam Dredging Project

USACE Philadelphia District
Published July 20, 2023


USACE contractor, DredgIT, conducted dredging the Boathouse Row area between August and October 2022 and removed approximately 28,000 cubic yards of sediment. Sediment was placed in the Fort Mifflin Dredged Material Placement Area. USACE later awarded contract options for the Adaptive Rowing Lagoon and the Race Course portions of the river. Dredging operations were completed at the Adaptive Rowing Lagoon in Spring of 2023.

Current Status (October 2023):

Dredging operations began along the Race Course in mid-July. During dredging operations, USACE’s contractor began pulling numerous tires out of the river north of the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Initially, the team wasn’t certain if this was an isolated area, but it has continued throughout multiple areas along the Race Course and has prevented dredging operations to continue as originally planned. USACE has worked with its contractor and the City on the proper disposal of tires (more than 3000 removed from the River in total). USACE continues to coordinate with the City, Schuylkill Navy on next steps.

Steve Rochette