Commissioned May, 2010

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The Survey Vessel REDLINGER was commissioned in 2010.

The Survey Vessel REDLINGER was commissioned in 2010.

Vessel Owner:                      United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder:                      GEO Shipyard Inc. New Iberia, LA.
Vessel Designer:                   VIKING Fast Craft Solutions LLC,
Project Management Team:    USACE Marine Design Center and Portland District
Vessel Operation Team:         USACE Portland District, Portland OR.
Foil Assisted Catamaran, 5083-H116 Aluminum Hull, With Stainless Steel Hydro Foils

Vessel Particulars
Length Overall:                       59’ - 4"
Breadth:                                   23’-6”
Hull Depth:                              9' - 2"
Draft:                                         3’-3”
Displacement:                        68,000 LBS
Max Speed:                              36 Knots.
Fuel Capacity:                         1,328 Gal.
Potable water:                         100 Gal.
Sewage System:                     Ahead type II MSD
Accommodations:                  Galley & Head, (2) Survey Stations

Machinery, Survey Equipment, and Special Features
Main Engines:                          (2) MTU Series 60, 825 HP@2350 RPM
Reduction Gears:                     (2) Twin Disk 5114A
Propulsion System                   (2) Hamilton 403 Jets              
Engine Controls:                       Hamilton Blue Arrow     
Generators:                                (2) Northern Lights - 12 kW, 120/240V   
Platform Silencers:                   Sullivan Consulting Services
Multi Beam Transducer:          Kongsberg EM33002 on Deployable Strut
Single Beam Transducer:       Odom SMBB200-3 on Deployable Strut Arm
Windows and Doors:                Beclawat, heated and double insulated glass
Engine Room Ventilation:         Delta T Systems - Mist Eliminators, & Fans.
Electronics:                                 Furuno - Radars, NAVnet II, GPS, Loudhailer.
Anchor Winch:                             Kinematic Marine, 16x24 W8 with S/S drum
Search Lights:                            Carlisle & Finch Comp. (2)Model 125BEV-2
Wipers:                                        Wynn Straight Line W/ heaters
Switchgear:                                 Quality Power

Green Features    
International’s, Intersleek 900 Foul Release Bottom Paint.
Dow - UCON Trident AW Hydraulic Fluid.
LED House Lighting