Commissioned March 21, 2001

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The M/V GRAND TOWER was commissioned in 2001.

The M/V GRAND TOWER was commissioned in 2001.

Vessel Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder: Marine Builders, Inc., Utica, Ind.
Project Management Team: USACE Marine Design Center and St. Louis District
Vessel Operation Team: USACE St. Louis District, St. Louis, MO
Year Built and Classed: 2000
Vessel Certification: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class @ A1

Vessel Particulars , Equipment, and Special Features
Length Overall: 65'
Breadth: 24'
Hull Depth: 8'- 6"
Draft: 5'-6" (at full load)
Fuel Capacity: 9,300 Gal.
Displacement: 163.564 tons
Potable water: 250 Gal.
Main Engines: (2) Cat 3406E, 550 HP each @1800rpm
Reduction Gears: (2) Twin Disc MG 516-Ratio 5.05:1
Propellers: Bird Johnson - 5 Blade, 84 inches Dia.
Generators: (2) John Deere 4045TFM - 58 kW, 480V
Engine Controls: Kobelt
Steering: Kobelt - 2 Main, 4 Flanking Rudders, Fully Independent Operation, with Auto-Centering Feature interfaced to Kobelt Engine Controls.
Barge Winches: (2) Wintech-Beebe 311L/R-RC