Delivered: August 2009

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The CRANE BARGE DB-768 was delivered in 2009.

The CRANE BARGE DB-768 was delivered in 2009.

Vessel Owner:                      USACE - United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Operation Team:        USACE Rock Island District.
Vessel Builder:                      Basic Marine, Inc., Escanaba, MI
Project Delivery Team::         USACE’s Marine Design Center and Rock Island District

Vessel Particulars
Barge Rake:                                                 One end
Hull Length (molded):                                   150'-0"
Hull Breadth (molded):                                  59'-6"
Hull Depth (molded at side):                         12'-0"
Design Draft:                                                7' 0"
Displacement (Light Ship):                            709 Long Tons
Fuel Tank Capacity:                                      23,250 gallons
Potable water:                                               9,870 Gal.
Year Built:                                                     2009

Crane Particulars
Model:                                                         Liebherr Model 1280
Crane Weight:                                              500,000 lbs
Fully Revolving Main Hoist Capacity:            101,500 lbs at 60' radius
Over Crane End Main Capacity:                   109,800 lbs at 60' radius
Auxiliary Hoist Capacity:                              32,800 lbs at "any" radius
Boom Length(s):                                          142 Ft and 181 Ft
Crawlers Length                                           29'-9"
Crawlers Width                                            24'-7"
Crane Tail-swing:                                          20'-5"

Vessel Certification:  American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class – A1 Barge, Intra-Coastal Waterway Service

Machinery, Equipment, and Special Features    
(1) Generator: Caterpillar C9 Engine + Leroy Somer Alternator LSA 46.2 L6, Marine Generator Set rated 203 kW, 1800 rpm