Delivered: April 2010

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The MARMET FLOATING CRANE was delivered in 2010.

The MARMET FLOATING CRANE was delivered in 2010.

Vessel Owner:                               United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder:                               Basic Marine, Inc., Escanaba, MI.
Project Management Team:             USACE Marine Design Center and Huntington District
Vessel Operation Team:                  USACE Huntington District – Marmet Lock and Dam – Belle, WV

Vessel Particulars:
Hull Length (Moulded):                   70’-0”
Hull Breadth (Moulded):                  5’-0”
Hull Depth (Molded at CL):              6’-3”
Hull Depth (Molded at Side):           6’-0”
Design Waterline:                          3’-0”
Displacement:                                160 L.t.
Year Built                                       2010

Machinery, Equipment and Crane Particulars
Crane Model:                               Mantis 14010
Main Hoist Capacity:                    30 L.T. @ 20’ Radius over bow @ 49’ boom length
Auxiliary Hoist Capacity:              5 L.T.
Boom Length:                              111’-6” 4-part telescopic 37’-6” retracted
Boom Pivot Height:                      15’-0” ABL