Delivered: October 2001

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The FLOATING CRANE HENRY M. SHREVE was delivered in 2001.

The FLOATING CRANE HENRY M. SHREVE was delivered in 2001.

Vessel Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Project Delivery Team: USACE Marine Design Center and Lakes and River Division
Vessel Operation Team: USACE Louisville District, Louisville KY

Vessel Particulars
Hull Length (molded): 300'
Hull Breadth (molded): 100'
Hull Depth (molded at side): 13'- 6"
Draft (Laden): 8'-0"
Displacement (Laden): 7202 tons fw
Fuel Capacity: 10,000 gallons
Potable water: 2,000 gallons
Year Built: 2001
Vessel Certification: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class - A1 Barge

Crane Particulars
Model: Washington Model 52
Fully Revolving Main Hoist Capacity: 350 tons at 110' radius
Fixed (non-revolving) Main Capacity: 550 tons at 55' radius
Auxiliary Hoist Capacity: 40 tons at 206 feet
Boom Length: 185 feet
Boom Pivot Height 26 feet above deck
Tub Diameter 52 feet
Generator: Caterpillar 3512 - 1135 kw

Machinery, Equipment, and Special Features
Generators: (2) Cat 3306B - 190 kW, 480V
Articulating Lifting Beam: 400 ton capacity, hydraulically operated, remote controlled
Gate Stowage Frames: secures three 350 ton miter gates on the vessel, hydraulically operated