Delivered February 27, 2001

Published Aug. 31, 2012
QUARTER BOAT 9901 was delivered in 2001.

QUARTER BOAT 9901 was delivered in 2001.

Vessel Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder: Patti Shipyard, Inc., Pensacola, Florida
Project Management Team: USACE Marine Design Center and Vicksburg District
Vessel Operation Team: USACE Vicksburg District, Vicksburg, MS

Vessel Particulars
Length Overall: 301'
Breadth: 40'
Hull Depth: 11'- 6"

Vessel Accommodations
43 Staterooms (4 person) with Toilet, Sink and Shower,
Total Room Capacity: 172 persons
Public Lounge, with Television and Computer Workstations
First Aid Station, Outfitted with Examination Table,
Whirlpool, and Refrigerator/Freezer for Medicinal Storage
Linen Storage and Distribution Office
Satellite Television Service Provided in Lounge, Mess Areas and each Stateroom.

Features of the Galley/Mess Operation
Full Service Galley, Typically Serves 300-400 Meals, 4 Times Daily
Nine Walk-in Freezers and Refrigerators, Dry Goods Storage
Bakery, outfitted with Ovens, Proofer, Mixer, Refrigerator and Table
Butcher Shop, with Meat Saw, Tenderizer, Chopper and Prep Table
Two Mess Areas with a Total Seating Capacity of 225
Two Galley Stewards' Offices

Other Features
Machinery Space containing Boilers, Back-up Generator Set
Potable Water Pressure Sets, Bilge Manifold and Pumps
Offices for Union Steward and Respirator Equipment

Vessel Certification:
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Maltese Cross A-1 Accommodation Barge River Service