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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Construction, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

AUTHORITY: House Committee Resolution dated 01 October 1986. The Delaware Bay Coastline, DE & NJ – Broadkill Beach, DE project was authorized for construction by Title I, Section 101 (a) (11) of WRDA 1999.

LOCATION: The project area is located along the Delaware Bay Coastline at Broadkill Beach, Sussex County, Delaware.

DESCRIPTION:  The plan proposed in the final feasibility report for flood and coastal storm damage reduction at Broadkill Beach is a 100 foot wide berm with an elevation of +8.0 feet NGVD, and a dune with an elevation of +16.0 feet NGVD over a total project length of 14,600 feet. The selected plan includes dune grass, dune fencing and suitable advance beach fill and periodic nourishment every five years to ensure the integrity of the design. The estimated initial project cost is $14.3 million. The Planning, Engineering and Design phase was completed in FY 2001 and consisted of completion of detailed plans and specifications for those features recommended in the feasibility report.

STATUS: As part of the initial construction of the Delaware River Main Channel Deepening there was an opportunity to complete initial construction of the Broadkill project as a beneficial use of dredge material project. The Army Corps completed the work with DNREC and the local community on the necessary coordination and real estate requirements. The contract to complete initial construction was awarded under the Delaware Deepening project in June of 2014. Construction began in April of 2015 and was completed in the Spring of 2016. A Project Partnership Agreement will be necessary for future renourishment.

PROJECT GOALS:  The purpose of this project provides for hurricane and coastal storm damage reduction at Broadkill Beach, dune grass, dune fencing, and suitable advance beach fill and periodic nourishment every five years.

SPONSOR: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control