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White Haven, PA

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APPROPRIATION / PHASE: Operation & Maintenance, General

BUSINESS PROGRAM: Flood Damage Reduction

LOCATION: Confluence of Bear Creek and Lehigh River

DESCRIPTION: The project provides for multi-purpose development for water supply, recreation and flood control. The existing dam, completed under the 1946 Flood Control Act as a single purpose flood control project, is located on the Lehigh River, five miles above White Haven, Pa.  The project is also authorized to provide for recreational benefits.

STATUS: Whitewater and fishing industries utilize dam releases and there is significant interest from the public, stakeholders and elected officials in these programs. Project lake operations continue to have a positive impact on the regional economy as well as producing environmental benefits.

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project provides for improvements including  altering the spillway, increasing the height of the dam, extending the outlet tunnel, constructing new dikes and raising the height of existing dikes.

PROJECT MANAGER: Monica A. Chasten