Cape May Seawall, City of Cape May, Cape May County, NJ

Published Sept. 27, 2020


AUTHORITY: The authority for this feasibility study is provided by Section 103 of the River and Harbor Act of 1962, Public Law 87-874, as amended, in accordance with the policies and procedures prescribed by the Chief of Engineers.  Section 103 provides authority for the Corps of Engineers to develop and construct small beach erosion and flood risk management projects. 

DESCRIPTION: The study area is located along the ocean coast on the south side of the City of Cape May.  Flooding in this low-lying area has been historically problematic during hurricanes and nor’easters.   The study area appears to be vulnerable to ocean flooding due to the existing condition of a seawall that runs parallel between the beach and Beach Avenue.  The seawall is a stone and concrete construction and was built following the destruction of the beachfront and boardwalk by the Ash Wednesday Storm in March 1962.  The feasibility study will examine the existing conditions and explore flood risk management solutions in the study area.

PROJECT GOALS: The purpose of this project is to examine potential solutions for flood risk reduction.

STATUS: A Federal Interest Determination was completed by the District and approved by North Atlantic Division in FY14. Funds were received from the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, Public Law 113-2, enacted to assist in the recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

The objectives of the Feasibility Phase of the project are to:

  • Prepare the Feasibility Report for the project
  • Prepare an Environmental Assessment and NEPA documentation for the project,
  • Prepare a Project Management Plan (PMP) for the Design and Implementation Phase,
  • Develop other supporting plans (e.g. Real Estate Plan, Value Engineering, etc.) as needed for completion of the Feasibility Report.

SPONSOR: City of Cape May