Marine Design Center

Our Mission

The Marine Design Center is the Corps of Engineers center of expertise and experience for the development and application of innovative strategies and technologies for naval architecture and marine engineering. We provide total project management including planning, engineering, and shipbuilding contract management in support of Corps, Army, and national water resource projects in peacetime, and augments the military construction capacity in time of national emergency or mobilization.

Our Capabilities

So what does our mission mean? Simply put, our work is naval architecture, marine engineering, and marine construction management. We have concentrated our efforts on the "turn-key" design-to-delivery philosophy.

We offer expertise in design, preparation of plans and specifications, contract management, and inspection of marine equipment including structures and machinery. Our experience includes projects for dredges, towboats, floating cranes, survey vessels, and various other service vessels. Throughout our history we have completed more than 250 such projects, a few of which are shown on our Home Pages.

In all design phases of a project, we utilize the latest design and drafting software. Our in-house resources are augmented by contract Architect/Engineer services. Our general areas of expertise include:

  • Staff studies
  • Feasibility studies, trade-off analysis, and reviews for selected marine applications
  • Concept definition
  • Iterative design processes
  • Preliminary and conceptual design studies
  • Detail design plans and specifications
  • Cost-reduction analysis of designs
  • Contract management
  • Damage and condition surveys
  • Preparation of contract plans and specifications
  • Ship overhaul and modernization
  • Stability studies, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, weights, and moments
  • Structural design and surveys
  • Automatic systems design
  • Material selection
  • Marine construction and inspection methods and standards
  • Vessel tests and trials
  • Shipboard energy conservation studies
  • Pollution control studies
  • Noise and vibration and abatement
  • Vessel electrical systems

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