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Absecon Island Project Photos

Absecon Island Project Background

Project Purpose

The Absecon Island project is designed to reduce storm damages to homes and infrastructure from the waves, high tides and storm surges associated with these events. The communities along the New Jersey shoreline have suffered significant storm damages from nor’easters and hurricanes and are at risk to suffer further damages from coastal storms. The project provides flood and coastal storm risk management along Absecon Island. The project includes beachfill, with a 200-foot-wide berm and a dune to elevation +14.75 feet for Atlantic City and a 100-foot wide berm and a dune to elevation 12.75 for Ventnor, Margate and Longport. The project also includes 0.3 miles of bulkhead construction along the Absecon Inlet frontage of Atlantic City. In 2019, USACE and its contractor completed construction of a stormwater management system in Margate, which includes 5 ocean outfall pipes and a lateral manifold system to collect and convey stormwater. 

Project Authority

Construction of the Brigantine Inlet to Great Egg Harbor Inlet, Absecon Island New Jersey Storm Damage Reduction Project, is authorized by the Water Resources Development Act of 1996. A Project Cooperation Agreement to construct the project was signed July 2003 with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Previously Completed Beachfill Work


Amount of Sand

2004 (Initial Construction)

7,000,000 cubic yards

2011 (Flood Control & Coastal Emergencies (FCCE) Funded)

1,100,000 cubic yards

2012 (Periodic Nourishment)

1,325,000 cubic yards

2013 (FCCE - Hurricane Sandy)

1,300,000 cubic yards

2017-2018 (Initial Construction for Margate/Longport and Renourishment for Atlantic City/Ventnor City)

3,493,599 cubic yards

Dune System Animation During Potential Storm Event