New Jersey Coastal Storm Risk Management

The New Jersey Atlantic Ocean coastline extends from Sandy Hook to Cape May, New Jersey, covering a distance of approximately 130 miles. The New Jersey coastline from Manasquan Inlet south to Cape May Point lies within the boundaries of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Philadelphia District while from Manasquan Inlet north is under the jurisdiction of the USACE New York District. Within the Philadelphia District region, there are ten tidal inlets in New Jersey, four of which are federally authorized navigation projects (Manasquan Inlet, Barnegat Inlet, Absecon Inlet and Cape May Inlet). Net longshore transport is northward to the north of Barnegat Inlet and southward to the south of Barnegat Inlet, with localized reversals in transport direction adjacent to the tidal inlets.

Nine federally authorized beachfill projects have been constructed or partially constructed along the Philadelphia District’s New Jersey coastline:  Long Beach Island; Absecon Island; Brigantine Island; Ocean City from Great Egg Harbor Inlet to 36th Street; Southern Ocean City, Sea Isle and Strathmere; Avalon & Stone Harbor, Cape May City, Lower Cape May Meadows/Cape May Point and Oakwood Beach in Elsinboro Township. Construction will begin in 2017 for the stretch of coastline between the Manasquan Inlet and Barnegat Inlet (Point Pleasant to Berkeley Township). And design efforts are ongoing for the Hereford Inlet to Cape May Inlet (Wildwoods) project. The USACE Philadelphia District tracks data associated with these projects including quantities placed, borrow area capacities and other pertinent information. Please email the District for more information.