Delaware Estuary Regional Sediment Management

The Regional Sediment Management Workgroup mission is to develop a Delaware Estuary Regional Sediment Management Plan (RSMP). This is an ad hoc group tasked with developing the RSMP. In addition to developing the plan, the tasks of the Workgroup will be to develop, regionally-targeted goals and objectives and to provide a management framework, including targets that will ensure consistent and fair consideration of Delaware Estuary regional sediment management issues, concerns and opportunities.  The RSMP will be based on sound science and supporting policy. A RSM Statement for the Delaware Estuary will be developed upon which the RSMP will be founded. The RSMP will be peer reviewed by both technical /scientific and policy entities. The RSMP will be submitted to the Delaware National Estuary Program for review and concurrence and ultimately adoption.

The RSMP will be a comprehensive long-term master plan to address the economic benefits and long-term needs of sediment quality, sediment quantity, and dredged material management and beneficial use in the Delaware Estuary, and will provide recommendations for the development of new policies, procedures, and management practices.

Workgroup Members