Project Documents

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 Appendix A: GPR Data
 Appendix B: Gamma Walkover Surveys
 Appendix C: Soil Logs & Well Construction Diagrams
 Appendix D: Investigation Derived Waste Analytical Data
 Appendix E: Air Quality Monitoring & Health/Safety Environmental Monitoring Records
 Appendix F: Soil Analytical Data
 Appendix G: Well Development Records and Water Level Measurement Forms
 Appendix H: Groundwater Analytical Data: Primary and Quality Assurance/Quality
 Appendix I Revised
 Appendix I: Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps
 Appendix J: Slug Test Data – OU 1 and 2
 Appendix K: YSI Calibration Logs
 Appendix L: Water Quality Data Figures and Isopleths
 Appendix M: Quality Assurance/Quality Control Evaluation Results
 Appendix N: Total Uranium Isopleth Maps
 Appendix O: Ecological Site Visits
 Appendix P: Surface Water and Sediment Analytical Results
 Appendix Q: Weather/Transducer Data OU 3
 Appendix R: Soil Analysis Report