Commissioned: May 2008

Published Aug. 31, 2012
The M/V Gordon M Stevens was commissioned in 2008.

The M/V Gordon M Stevens was commissioned in 2008.

Vessel Owner:  United States Army Corps of Engineers
Vessel Builder: Orange Ship Building, Orange TX
Project Management Team:USACE Marine Design Center and Louisville District
Vessel Operation Team:USACE Olmsted Lock and Dam Louisville District, Louisville KY

Vessel Particulars, Equipment, and Special Features   

Length Overall: 124’
Breath:: 33”-10”
Hull Depth: 10’- 3” at midship
Draft: 8’-0”
Displacement: 571 Ltons
Max Speed: 12 Knots
Fuel Capacity: 36,000 Gal.
Potable Water: 10,400 Gal.
Gear Oil Cap:  500 Gal.
Lube Oil Sys: 800 Gal.
Ballast Sys:        (3) Tanks 17,000 Gal.
Accommodations: 9 Crew
Year Built: 2008

Machinery, Equipment, and Special Features

Main Engine: (2)Cat 3512B–1500 HP ea @1200rpm                                    
Reduction Gears:( 2) Falk 2083MRHV Ratio 4.5:1
Generators: (2) John Deere 6081AFM-150kW,480V
Engine Controls:: Sentinel (Electric)
Propellers:  5 Blade 80 inches Dia. (Kort Nozzles)
Steering: Sentinel (4)Flanking (4)Steering
Deck Winches: (2) Patterson 60 Ton Single Drum Electric
Capstan: Schoellhorn-Albrecht (Electric)
Searchlights: (2) Carlisle and Finch 1.0KW Remote Control
Interior Doors: Dean Steel
Exterior Doors: Omega, Stainless Steel Doors
Air Horns: Kahlenberg Brothers Company
HVAC: EMI, CACB/CAHB Cassette Air Handlers

Vessel Certification:   American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class  A1 “Towboat River Service”