Wind Turbine Proposals within Philadelphia District

The Philadelphia District has had preliminary discussions with groups interested in installing wind turbines off the New Jersey and Delaware coast, within areas of Federal jurisdiction. This office would regulate the installation of the turbine structures under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbor Act of 1899. Additional work for the installation of submerged marine cables, shoreline facilities and associated activities may be regulated under Section 404 of the Clean Waters Act.

Based on the Energy Policy Act of 2005, signed by President George W. Bush on 8 August 2005, the Department of the Interior, Mineral Management Service; Department of Off-Shore Mineral Management, now Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, is now the lead Federal agency for proposed off-shore wind turbine projects.

Michelle Morin
Chief, Environment Branch for Renewable Energy 
U.S. Department of the Interior 
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
45600 Woodland Road, VAM-OREP
Sterling, Virginia 20166
Office (703) 787-1722

New Jersey - Project coordinator - Will Waskes

Delaware - Project coordinator - Josh Gange

Wind Turbine Proposals

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind CENAP-OP-R-2019-1069- Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC is proposing a wind turbine farm that would be located approximately 20 miles east of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  A buoy has been placed off the coast to gather data with respect to the project.  The applicant will also be performing geophysical and geotechnical testing on the Outer Continental Shelf.  Meetings have been held with state and Federal representatives to discuss the proposed action.  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is aware of the project and will be the lead Federal agency.  The Corps will process an application once received by this office as a Standard Permit.

Fishermen Energy CENAP-OP-R-2008-0777 - A  Department of the Army permit was issued on June 14, 2012. The subject permit was originally issued to Fisherman’s Energy of New Jersey, LLC authorizing the construction of 6 separate wind turbine structures in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 2.8 nautical miles east of Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey. Subsequent to the original authorization, the permit was transferred to EDF Renewable Energy.  In response to a recent request from EDF Renewable Energy, our Department of the Army authorization was modified on May 24, 2019, to authorizing the construction and installation of three separate 8.3MW wind turbines at the project location.  The permit issued is good for 5 years.

Ocean Wind of New Jersey CENAP-OP-R-2017-0135 - Ørsted Wind Power North America want to develop a turbine field approximately 15 miles southeast of Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey.  This office has authorized geotechnical and geophysical tests that have been performed both offshore and within state waters where the proposed cables would make landfall.  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is currently reviewing preliminary information supplied by the applicant for the proposed project.  While BOEM will be the lead agency, this office will coordinate with BOEM during their review and will process the action under the Corps' Standard Permit procedures.

Deepwater Wind Skipjack Wind Farm CENAP-OP-R-2018-0086 - Ørsted Wind Power North America is proposing a wind turbine farm that would be located approximately 20 miles east of Sussex County, Delaware.  Geotechnical and geophysical tests have been performed have been performed offshore of the State of Delaware.  Meetings have been held with state and Federal representatives to discuss the proposed action.  BOEM is aware of the project and will be the lead Federal agency.  The Corps will process an application once received  by this office as a Standard Permit.

US Wind CENAP-OP-R-2016-0197 - US Wind is proposing a wind turbine farm off the Coast of Ocean City, Maryland.  The Philadelphia District's is involved because the proposed cable from the turbines would come onshore thorough the state of Delaware.  The Baltimore District will be the lead processing this action for the Corps.