Public Law 84-99 Projects and Inspection Statuses

Public Law 84-99 Inspection Program Overview

Flood Control Works are structures designed and constructed to have appreciable and dependable effects in preventing damage by irregular and unusual rises in water level.  They may include the following: levees; channels; dams; or Federally authorized and constructed hurricane or shore protective structures. Flood Control Works, whether constructed or repaired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or by non-federal agencies, must be properly maintained to be eligible for Public Law 84-99 rehabilitation assistance if the project is damaged due to a storm event.

The USACE Philadelphia District inspects Flood Control Works to verify proper maintenance, and maintains a catalog (see above map) summarizing the eligibility status of each project. Projects rated acceptable or minimally acceptable remain active and eligible in the program. USACE works closely with local sponsors if a project receives an overall rating of unacceptable to explain the deficiencies and help devise a plan to correct the deficiencies. The sponsor is placed in an inactive status until the corrections are made. In addition, USACE offers non-federal sponsors a process through the System-Wide Improvement Framework to remain temporarily eligible for P.L. 84-99 assistance while they correct unacceptable operation and maintenance deficiencies as part of a broader, system-wide improvement to their levee systems.