Published June 1, 2017

The applicant, All Seasons Marina (within Neshaminy State Park), proposes to perform maintenance dredging, by hydraulic (cutterhead – pipeline) method, within an existing marina basin. The applicant is seeking a 10-year maintenance permit, with an initial dredging followed by up to three more dredging events over the ten years. The initial dredging would remove a maximum of 21,000 cubic yards to a design depth of -4 feet at mean low water (MLW), with up to 2 feet of allowable over-dredge, for a maximum dredging depth of -6 feet (MLW). The proposed disposal site is an existing 6.4-acre confined disposal facility (CDF) located on the property immediately to the east of the marina basin and parking lot. The project site is located at the Neshaminy State Park Marina (known as “All Seasons Marina”), 1300 Second Avenue, in the Croydon section of Bristol Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. More information is available in the "Public Notice and Plan Details" attachment. Public comment deadline is on June 16, 2017.