Published Sept. 14, 2017
Expiration date: 9/29/2017

The applicant has requested a Department of the Army permit to remove accumulated sediment via mechanical maintenance dredging from the Leipsic Tax Ditch located in Leipsic, Kent County, Delaware. Tax ditches require the removal of accumulated sediment every 15 to 20 years. Accumulated sediment was previously removed from the Leipsic Tax Ditch in 1990. The applicant proposes to utilize a land based excavator equipped with a grading bucket as to minimize soil disturbance. The operator will remove accumulated sediment from the bottom of the tax ditch by reaching to the far side of the ditch, and in one motion, dragging the front edge of the bucket across the original bottom contour to the near side, filling the bucket to approximately 80% to 85% capacity to avoid spilling material from the bucket. The excavated material will be placed in the agriculture field behind a berm as to prevent re-deposition of the excavated sediment. More details are available in the "Public Notice & Plan Details" attachment. Public comments are due by Sept. 29, 2017.