Published Sept. 20, 2018
Expiration date: 10/5/2018

The applicant proposes to conduct mechanical maintenance dredging in Pepper Creek at the Cropper Oyster House, 31197 Helms Landing Road, Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware. The proposal is to remove by mechanical means approximately 1350 cubic yards of accumulated muddy sand sediment to a depth of -4’ Mean Low Water from the existing boat launch ramp and berthing area located along the bulkhead at the old Cropper Oyster House. The dimensions of the dredging area are: 60 feet long by 150 feet wide off the front of the bulkhead; 135 feet long by 30 feet wide off the launch ramp; and 90 feet long by 20 feet wide off the eastern bulkhead. Dredging would occur from the uplands using a long reach excavator and a barge-mounted excavator, if necessary. The material would be transported by truck (0.34 mile) to an existing upland confined disposal site, owned by the applicant at the Gull’s Way Campground, located off of Shell Road, Dagsboro, Sussex County, Delaware. The project purpose is to restore and maintain navigable depths at the boat launch and berth, providing access to navigable waters for the purpose of navigation. More details are available in the "Public Notice & Plan Details" document. Public comments are due by Oct. 5, 2018.