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Published Dec. 27, 2018

The application was submitted by Long Beach Township to remove an existing terminal groin (made of wood and stone), and construct a new, larger terminal groin using steel sheeting, core stone and armor stone (including re-use of existing stone). The project site is located on the ocean-front beach at the southern terminus of Long Beach Boulevard, just south of Cleveland Avenue; n the Holgate section of Long Beach Township, Ocean County, New Jersey. The purpose of this notice is: 1) to make it known to the public that Long Beach Township has revised their plans for the proposed project; and 2) to address comments from the general public, which were received in response to our prior public notice of this application issued on August 13, 2018. After a complete review of the revised permit application, and in full consideration of the
comments and recommendations received in response to our original public notice, USACE decided to issue a Department of the Army permit to Long Beach Township for their newly proposed project as specified in their revised plans. More details are available in the "Final Public Notice" attachment.