Published Aug. 1, 2019
Expiration date: 9/2/2019

The applicant, PhilaPort, proposes to construct a temporary storage facility for imported/exported automobiles (i.e. roll-on/roll-off cargo) as a part of the Southport Marine Terminal. In order to construct the development, the applicant proposes to discharge fill material into 2.81 acres of federally regulated wetlands. The project site is located within the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard property, situated on the south side of Kitty Hawk Avenue, approximately 2,000 feet east of League Island Boulevard, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The applicant’s purpose, as stated in their application, is to “provide necessary parking and vehicle processing for roll on-roll off cargo being delivered to the new AutoPort facility at the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. More details are available in the "Public Notice & Plan Details" attachment. Public comments are due by Sept. 2, 2019.